VanVan print & online campaign 2023

Hermes eating ice cream in Flaach
VanVan Mercedes Marco Polo behind a leaf
A pair of Yves Saint Laurent new wave 181 Leulou heart sunglasses with a pear, a comb on a ball pen
A boy climbing a rock barefoot
Close-up of a prickly pear cactus
Toddler in a yellow bodysuit playing with the Mercedes Marco Polo centre console
Man with a blue t-shirt and LA baseball cap inside a van
Close-up of Mercedes Marco Polo's wheel rim
A lonely cloud formation between trees
VanVan Mercedes Marco Polo under a tree shadow play
VanVan Bag flying in the wind
Miu Miu women's crystal cat eye sunglasses on a table with an Italian croissant and a glass of water
Close-up of a bush in a field at dusk
Small child dancing in the night at Camping Isuledda
Fatboy Bolleke portable LED light by Alex Bergman in front of a Ticket to the Moon beach blanket
Child's hand holding an ice cream in front of an ice cream menu
Rothirsch super towel hanging on a clothesline in Sardinia
VanVan Mercedes Marco Polo on a ferry departing from Genova
VanVan print & online campaign 2023